Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri

             Donates Trained Dog to St. Louis County Police

Three Rivers Kennel Club has financed a new addition, Kelso, to the St. Louis
County K-9 Unit. Kelso is a Belgian Malinois from Holland born in January 2017
and weighing 60 pounds.

Three Rivers Kennel Club was approached in the late spring by Officer Craig
Kriska, who is in charge of the K-9 Unit for St. Louis County Police, about the
need for another dog. K-9 Officer Ivan, had recently retired and the funds for
another dog would not be in the budget for two year.

The club was glad to help our local police. Three Rivers Kennel Club paid the
purchase price for the dog and for Kelso’s training.

Police Officer John Wolf was chosen have Kelso as his partner. Officer Wolf has
made a commitment to be Kelso’s partner for Kelso’s entire life. Kelso was
trained when purchased and Officer Wolf spent an additional 6 weeks in training
with Kelso. Kelso goes home with Officer Wolf every night.

Kelso is trained to work in narcotics detection and patrol work. Officer Wolf tells
us that as much as Kelso likes to go for walks, play ball, socialize, and have his
head scratched and belly rubbed, he gets most excited performing the tasks for

which he is trained.

Three Rivers Kennel Club is a non-profit club and has made other contributions
including a donation toward an AKC Reunite Trailer in St. Louis County,
equipment for the St. Louis County Police K-9 Unit, and numerous donations
toward a scholarship fund at University of Missouri Columbia Veterinarian School.