Welcome To Three Rivers Kennel Club

Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri is an AKC All Breed Club.  We currently have two all breed shows each year in September at the Purina Event Center. Three Rivers Kennel Club has a B-Match during the summer months. 

Members of Three Rivers Kennel Club participate in the following AKC activities:



Barn Hunt


Dock Diving

Hunt Testing



Scent Work

Therapy dog visits in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.



Please see our “Club Activities” page to learn more about the club’s activities and donations.

Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri
Officers and Members of the Board

President – Colette Weishaar
Vice President – Jane Cole
Recording Secretary – Terri Deiters
Corresponding Secretary – Mary Sue Hewitt
Treasurer - Marty Deiters
Board Member – Joy Adkins-Miller
Board Member – Linda Duncan
Board Member – Deannie Lavrrar

Board Member - Randy Narup