Online RV Reservations

Three Rivers KC will have online RV Reservation in 2020.  RV Reservations will OPEN on June 1st for our 2020 Shows!  The link to make RV reservations online will be posted here and on the club's Facebook page on June 1st, 2020.  RV reservations may only be rented for campers. i.e. motorhomes or trailers designed for overnight camping.

RV Reservations

Three Rivers is taking online RV reservations for Sunday, September 6th at 6 P.M. to Sunday, September 13th at 6 P.M. Check in time is 6 P.M. and check out time is 6 P.M. with the following exception. If you will be arriving on Monday, September 7th, you may check in any time after 9 A.M. Those staying on Sunday night, September 13th, will need to make reservations with the Gateway Cluster.

RV Pricing

Reservations on the full service lot, Row A, are $50 per night (intended for rigs up to 55 ft.),  Row B are $45 per night (intended for rigs up to 50 ft.), Row C are $40 per night (for rigs up to 45 ft.) and Row D are $40 per night for *rentals and (for rigs up to 35 ft.).  Overflow lot reservations are $25 per night with electric and water, bring your own hose.

*If renting an RV, the renter must have it in writing that the rental company will pick up the rental by 6 P.M. on designated move out day or the rental will not be allowed on the property.  

RV Rentals

Purina recommends the following RV Rental businesses:

M.B. Thomas RV 
St. Louis, MO 
(800) 392-5655


Country Camper Rentals
Red Bud, IL